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Current version: 2.4

Version Changes

Went to a free license!

Improved handling of URLs on Page Report.

Wider support for browsers and operating systems.
Improved error messages and smoother performance.

Code optimization.
Fixed report range option (-r).
Improved handling of report directory option (-o).
Improved DNS caching on lookups.

True cumulative stats.
Memory and speed optimization.
Added browser version breakdown table. (IE 4 vs NS 3, etc).
Updated command-line options for custom reports.

Minor interface improvements.
Fixed end of month error in time.lib.

Split report into multi-page format.
New referer and agent statistics.
Added historical statistics and flexible report capabilities.

Fixed problem that displayed tall, but transparent, vertical bars.
Moved site to accesswatch.com, and associated pointers.
Fixed problem with NT and Windows95 that chops the last letter of domain descriptions.
Drastically improved memory performance on servers with heavy traffic.

Fixed divide by zero error if no accesses.

Added verbose comments in code! I'm sure you're excited...

Added hourly bar graph.
Cleaned code significantly.
More efficient searching and parsing of log file.
Added favorite hosts table.
Broke up huge summary table into multiple tables - eases loading on browsers with low memory or slow speed links.
Added options to limit size of tables, and to have the option to omit them entirely.
Improved listing of accesses details, sorted by domain and then grouped by host.
Added configuration for user-specified footer.
Improved page description ('lib/page.desc') file parsing.